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3 Easy-Peasy Ways To Add Storage To Your Itty Bitty Garage

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Your garage may have the primary purpose of housing your vehicle when it is not in use, but the fact is that the garage also can be the landing place for everything else that just does not fit into the house. From tools and extra household supplies to holiday decor and spare parts for your car, if you have a small garage, you can be willing to bet that eventually it will start to look like it has been hit by a storm. Thankfully, there are some pretty easy things you can do to add space and maximize storage in small garage design.

1. Take advantage of overhead space. - When you are looking to add storage space to your garage, all you may need to do is look overhead. Because the garage is typically built without a finished ceiling, you should have some space to work with up above. Install hanging racks and shelving where plastic totes and boxes can be neatly tucked out of the way up off of the floor. Even if you only have enough room overhead for one run of shelving, it can drastically reduce the amount of clutter in the rest of the garage. 

2. Install a pegboard for hand tools. - A peg board is an inexpensive fixture that simply attaches to any wall with screws. You can situate pegs in the holes of the board where your smaller items can be hung up. Peg boards are extremely useful because not only can smaller items, such as screwdrivers and hammers, be kept out of the floor or off of a workspace, it places everything in an easy-to-see, easy-to access place. Furthermore, pegboards do not take up any space and do not require a lot of room to be installed. 

3. Implement a broom holder (or several) on the wall. - Brooms, shovels, yard rakes, and all of those other tools that you use to keep the exterior of your home looking neat and tidy often get bundled up in the corners of your garage. Instead of fumbling with this cluttered mess every time you walk through or need a specific tool, it is better to have a designated spot for them all. Invest in a broom holder or two and affix them to the walls. These nifty contraptions are designed with spring-loaded metal clasps that firmly hold the handles of the tools in place for storage when they are not in use. For more help, contact a designer, like North Battleford Interior Design.