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Comparing Wood And Metal Gutters

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Metal and wood gutters are both good choices for your roof, whether it is part of maintenance or new construction. You can choose one to fit the location, exterior, and lifestyle you lead in the community. It is similar to comparing a fiberglass boat to a wooden boat. Before you decide which product will best suit your climate and personal wishes, here are a few comparisons to help with the process. A little bit of research can be the difference of a great product and one that doesn't last.

Wood Gutters

Redwood or cedar wood are the best choices for wood gutters because over time the wood can remain unaffected by environmental elements and moisture. If you choose other types, they may not be able to resist decay and continue providing the strength as with cedar or redwood.

The rougher surface of wood doesn't allow the water to move as fast as metal surfaces. Wood gutters need to be painted or oiled with a sealer as part of regular maintenance. You must be sure to maintain the goose-neck and corners with a good sealant.

Wood presents a traditional appeal with an old-fashioned charm, unlike metal gutters. Crown molding can be added to match your home's exterior. However, wood does require more maintenance to remain beautiful.

Metal Gutters

Galvanized steel and aluminum are the choices for metal gutters. For a novice installer, it may be a challenge to solder the components together. Both can hold up for many years without actively producing chemicals into rainwater. You can protect aluminum by placing a layer of paint on its surface. Galvanized steel gutters also need to be painted. Steel gutters are more durable and stronger than aluminum, and will remain beautiful for many years.

If the gutters are not galvanized, they may rust eventually because of the water standing in the troughs. Before the gutters are repainted, be sure to remove any chemical residue from the surfaces. You can purchase a cleaner from a hardware store or use a mild detergent or vinegar. 

One of the most important items you can purchase for the home is rain gutters. The melting snow and rainwater off the roof can quickly damage your siding. It can also damage your foundation if the water stands for any length of time. By discovering and researching the different choices between these two types, you will be satisfied with the finished product for many years.

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